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About Mend Loft

Mend Loft is a studio focused on fitness, wellness and posture correction therapy in beautiful Cannon Beach, Oregon.


Help you reclaim your balance and the freedom to move well again. Our space offers a welcoming environment for all.

Our fitness and wellness philosophy promotes fun and friendly movement and to keep an attitude of gratitude for what our bodies do for us each day.  We focus on a holistic approach and simplicity by keeping equipment to the minimum. Our coaches use effective corrective exercise and functional training techniques that integrate with your daily activities and movement patterns.


We offer private sessions by appointment in postural correction therapy to improve posture alignment, along with functional training and movement, personal fitness training, and assisted stretching.

Mend Loft also offers weekly group classes in restorative and mindful movement, functional fitness and circuit training, and sessions that focus on posture and proper alignment. For more information on the types of classes offered have a look at our class descriptions. To reserve your spot, please go to our class booking page.

For more on our pricing and packages. We also provide gift certificates.


We are located at 172 N. Hemlock St., Suite #12 Cannon Beach, Oregon.

The studio is also accessible through 171 N. Larch St., Suite #12. We are open to both residents and visitors, and all people.

Thank you for visiting us!
Get your bounce back and enjoy pain free living!

Mend Loft is a space offering private individual coaching and group classes in postural correction and alignment therapy, functional fitness and movement, assisted stretching, classes and other related services.
We help you reclaim your balance and the freedom to move well again.