Frequently asked Questions 


Can I attend group classes only?

Yes, absolutely. We provide both private session and group classes to cater to different needs. Some of our clients are really interested in one-on-one interaction, some attend classes only, while others like to come to the Mend Loft for both classes and private sessions.

The group classes schedule is helpful to know which classes are available and when. You can reserve classes directly from the class schedule table by clicking on the "Book Now" button to the right of the screen. Just make sure to click on the button that is aligned with the class you intend to attend.

Do you offer packages?

Yes, both one-on-one private sessions and Group classes can be bundled in a package, these packages help you in two ways:

  1. when you buy a package you are committing to multiple sessions in advanced, which gives you a discounted price per session,
  2. we know from past experience that clients usually get more value when they commit for a minimum amount of time or number of sessions, than those who do not have the same level of consistency.

You can purchase a class package and a private coaching package

How do I book my first session or class with Mend Loft?

There are two potential scenarios:
You created your account/profile on our booking system
When you select a class or session you are interested in from the booking page or on the booking App, you will be walked through a few steps to;

  1. confirm day and time you wish to reserve;
  2. In the next step you will be asked to login or create an account. Creating an account is free of charge, the account simply allows you to manage your bookings, view your booking history, view your packages and their balance, assuming you purchased a class or coaching package;
  3. Then, you will access the checkout and payment page. Here you can chose to “pay later” if you wish to pay in-person by check, cash, Zelle, or Venmo. Or, you can pay by credit card online at the time of the booking. Please note that every quarter we will be donating 1% of our non credit card sales to a local organization.

Can I access Mend Loft's booking system on my smartphone or my tablet?

Yes, our booking platform is available on the web on any device by visiting our booking page.
You may also book classes and manage your appointments through the mobile App available for both Apple and Android devices.

Links to download the App on Android and Apple devices

I have downloaded the App and I'm asked to provide a company name at startup?

You may have unknowingly downloaded the "admin" version of the App. This version is meant for studio owners, hence why you are asked to enter the company name.

Unlike the "admin" version, the "client " App should not ask you for this information. Make sure to follow the links above as they programmed to send you to the client version of the App on either of the major mobile platforms, Android and Apple.
If you are having problems please reach out to us so that we can resolve the issue.

Posture Therapy

Is posture therapy like physical therapy, or going to see a sports doctor or doctor of chiropractic?

No, they are all very different. They actually complement each other. Mend Loft collaborates with other health and wellness practitioners in order to make sure:

  1. The client has a strong team of professionals to support them,
  2. at any point in time a client may need the help of one practitioner before or after seeing another professional,
  3. we make sure to offer our services to clients who, to our best knowledge, can benefit from posture therapy. If a Mend Loft professional estimates that a potential or existing client needs a particular type of care other than posture therapy, we make sure to let them know.

Is posture therapy a standalone service?

It can be. It is a specialty that requires a lot of training for the practitioner. Each client receives an at-home program to follow. Clients achieve better outcomes with posture therapy when they commit to doing their daily "homework". Once your posture is straight, strong, and balanced, we recommend a custom strengthening program to help stabilize and support your posture.

Mend Loft offers this kind of service through its fitness conditioning services. By strengthening we are referring to a strategic approach to developing the right muscle balance to support your joints. Our goal is to make you as autonomous as possible, but it does take patience and dedication on our client's part. The ones that do commit can experience exciting results in terms of:

  1. reducing the pain they experienced before working with us,
  2. developing more resilience,
  3. improved recovery time,
  4. reduce the likelihood of future injuries,
  5. some client's even reach levels of mobility they have not experienced in decades.
  6. restored hope and optimism.


How can I pay for products and services at Mend Loft?

You may pay in any of the following ways:




Credit Card

Payments are usually made at the conclusion of an appointment or at the beginning of classes. Clients with class passes or multi-session packages simply need to book online on our booking page, or alternatively on our direct booking page.

Please note that every quarter we will be donating 1% of our non credit card sales to a local organization.

Do you offer payment plans? 

Although we do not have a formal payment plan at this time, we work on a case by case basis when needed. Our mission is to help people feel better, move better, be pain free and happy. When needed, we will make arrangements to get closer to fulfilling our mission.