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What is the Egoscue Method®?

The Egoscue Method® uses a series of exercises and stretches to return musculoskeletal balance and symmetry to your body. It's no secret that muscles move bones. They also stabilize the weight of our body to keep us upright. The method helps eliminate pain, prevent injury and improve performance.

Who is the Egoscue Method® for?

Though The Egoscue Method® is primarily designed for those with chronic pain, it can also help eliminate pain associated with repetitive use, sports, and workplace injuries, and help those who simply want to maximize their health and well-being. The Egoscue Method® is a process, but one with a remarkable 94% success rate since its inception.

Success Rate

Would you like to know more?

Mend Loft offers posture correction therapy, which uses the Egoscue Method®. Should you have question, or wish to book your first session please connect with us and we will gladly answer questions you may have.