Posture Therapy

Why Posture Therapy

You may be surprised to learn that postural imbalances could be at the root of your chronic aches and pains. For example, if one shoulder sits higher than the other, you could experience discomfort, numbness, or lack of free movement in your upper back, shoulder, neck, arms and even your hips. Or, a rotated pelvis can cause pain to show up in your lower back, hips and knees.

Posture Correction Therapy addresses the key imbalances in our body that lead to discomfort, pain, low energy, health issues or impaired performance. Following an initial assessment you will leave with a carefully selected set of exercises designed for your body, your needs, goals and abilities.

How Does Posture Therapy Work

a. Review of your health history

To understand where we are and where we are going, it is often useful to look at what has happened in the past. It helps isolate potential movement patterns, and also avoid potentially harmful movements.

b. Detailed postural and functional assessment

This assessment is designed to isolate your postural and functional strengths and weaknesses to help us define the “definition of postural balance” at this particular point in time.

c. Imagery to reveal the skeletal position and muscular imbalances

The images (photos of your posture) show how your joint position aligns against a grid to understand how the joints are loading and functioning. This analysis can reveal for example if an elevated shoulder and hip are leading to the back pain or if a forward head position or rounded upper back is causing the shoulder pain.

d. Functional Movement Testing & Evaluation

Various functional movements are performed to evaluate your specific limitations and to determine what muscles are active or inactive that are resulting in muscular compensation and pain. With the information gathered, Laura will design an individualized program including pictures and descriptions of the exercises for you to practice at home every day to get your body back in balance. Your program of exercises will help to improve your postural alignment leading to pain relief and better day-to-day performance in life, leisure and sport.

Posture Therapy FAQ

Is posture therapy like physical therapy, or going to see a sports doctor or doctor of chiropractic? 

No, they are all very different. They actually complement each other. Mend Loft collaborates with other health and wellness practitioners in order to make sure:

  1. The client has a strong team of professionals to support them,
  2. at any point in time a client may need the help of one practitioner before or after seeing another professional,
  3. we make sure to offer our services to clients who, to our best knowledge, can benefit from posture therapy. If a Mend Loft professional estimates that a potential or existing client needs a particular type of care other than posture therapy, we make sure to let them know.

Is posture therapy a standalone service?

It can be. It is a specialty that requires a lot of training for the practitioner. Each client receives an at-home program to follow. Clients achieve better outcomes with posture therapy when they commit to doing their daily "homework". Once the desired results of your ideal posture is achieved, we recommend a tailored strengthening program to support the posture work.

Mend Loft offers this kind of service through its fitness conditioning services. By strengthening we are referring to a strategic approach to developing the right muscle balance to support your joints. Our goal is to make you as autonomous as possible, but it does take patience and dedication on our client's part. The ones that do commit can experience exciting results in terms of:

  1. reducing the pain they experienced before working with us,
  2. developing more resilience,
  3. improved recovery time,
  4. reduce the likelihood of future injuries,
  5. some client's even reach levels of mobility they have not experienced in decades.
  6. restored hope and optimism.


Feel & move better


90-minute initial postural assessment

Review of health history

Assess posture with imagery & identify deviations, imbalances and pain points

Test movement patterns for limitations and compensations and get to the root cause of your pain

Design a customized program of exercises to help restore your body's balance and alignment.



60-minute POSTURE CORRECTION follow-up

Ensure program success by practicing and perfecting exercises

Make adjustments, answer questions

Reassessment of posture, gait and movement

Perfect Posture Package: Private Coaching

  • 90-minute posture assessment
  • 7 X 60-minute weekly follow-up sessions
  • Personalized coordinated guidance
  • Gain momentum & acknowledge transformation
  • Sustain motivation

Posture Alignment Classes

Posture Alignment classes are designed as a foundation-building posture. They do not replace one-on-one private posture correction therapy session, but they can assist in balancing how your muscles "work" which helps assist pain issues stemming from postural dysfunction. To attend our Posture Alignment classes, Mend ReAlign, have a look at our classes schedule.