Fitness Conditioning

How it works

You have gone through posture correction therapy, what's next?

Following your initial assessment and follow up sessions of corrective exercise therapy, you will notice your body realigning and releasing pain. It is often said in posture therapy “straighten, then strengthen”. Once your body maintains its alignment, it is time to progress and play with other varieties of functional movement to help improve overall fitness conditioning. Your coach will progress you gradually and safely to include new exercises and movement patterns to keep you mended and strong! Did you know, that muscles don't know age? They know use or disuse... Private coaching will offer personalized support to keep you on track towards achieving your goals, staying strong and enjoying pain-free living.

What is Fitness Conditioning?

Fitness Conditioning includes exercises and functional movement that help develop well-rounded and full-body physical fitness to improve the condition of your overall health.

Your personal trainer/coach is a fitness professional who will work with you to design a customized plan based on your current health, ability, and fitness priorities. You will receive safe, effective and enjoyable guidance while you work through your exercise program. A fitness coach will work with you to continuously set goals, provide helpful feedback, and follow up with you to keep your well-being an enjoyable priority.

Methods Used at Mend Loft

There are countless ways or modalities to exercise your body, from body weight workouts, lifting free weights, using the typical workout machines as seen in gyms, elastics and bands and a combination of all those options. At Mend Loft we focus on a friendly fitness approach to keep you injury free, which includes a combination of:

  • corrective exercises
  • myofascial release
  • body weight movement
  • stability equipment like balls and balance gear*

* Inquire about those at the Mend Loft studio. We offer those products for sale at the studio. 


a systematic approach


90-minute initial fitness assessment

Benchmark your current strength and flexibility level to measure progression through functional movement testing.

Identify challenges and set outcome goals.

Guide the fitness program development process for optimal results, safety and enjoyment.

Practice a series of exercises to help you perform better and meet your personal fitness goals.



30-minute follow-up

Review benchmarks and assess progress

Review and update exercises

Practice your personalized program with guided instruction



60-minute follow-up & maintenance

Review benchmarks and assess progress

Re-evaluate fitness strategy moving forward

Practice your personalized program with guided instruction

Fit Life Package: Private Coaching

  • 8 total sessions including:
  • Initial fitness assessment
  • 60-minute weekly sessions
  • Personalized guidance
  • Gain momentum
  • Sustain motivation