Posture Correction Therapy

Posture correction helps correct postural imbalances that are often at the root of your ongoing discomfort.

Fitness Conditioning

Fitness conditioning is the key to a healthy and more fulfilling life. Physical fitness helps build confidence, engage comfortably in new activities, recover faster. Fitness conditioning is an excellent complement to posture correction therapy.

Assisted Stretching

All of us accumulate tensions in our daily activities. Whether you have a consistent stretching practice or not, assisted stretching helps increase range of movement, recovery, and bring balance in our body.

Private Coaching

At times we feel stuck. We need a fresh new outlook on our goals and challenges. Private coaching does just that. It bundles all of the expertise offered at Mend Loft into a program tailored to your needs, goals, and challenges. This service helps identify the opportunities and priorities toward improving your well-being.

Group Classes

Mend Loft offers a variety of classes to get you moving, gain strength and resilience, improve your recovery, reduce the likelihood of injury, learn to relax and connect with your body's natural ability to heal, and have fun in a small community setting. 


Mitigate chronic pain

Become posture-aware

Helps prevent future injuries

Regain lost mobility 

Achieve longtime goals

Build resilience and strength

Feels good

Have a plan

Mend Loft is a private space offering individual and group coaching for postural correction and alignment therapy, functional fitness and movement, assisted stretching, classes and other related services.
We help you reclaim your balance and the freedom to move well again.